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HeartSpeaks Reader's Hub (HRH)

by CreatiVentures Publishing

How many of you love to read? Yes. Reading has become alien to most of us.
As we in CreatiVentures encourage and promote first-time authors, we do feel the need for encouraging more and more people to read our books.
Yes. Our books are the books of the first-timers whom we bloomer to light.
When you subscribe with us, your contribution as a reader will support and encourage our authors to live their dreams and imaginations.
You will be able to get into the mind of those writers thereby getting yourself more and more informed; bringing back the culture of reading to your life, your family and your society.

never heard of it? whatz it?

We are an author-bloomering publishing firm fighting against the distribution network of the traditional publishing mafia who kills the soul of creativity and imagination.
We introduce a new concept of distribution system where you become a member and thereby support the first-time writer, books and help us to fight against the publishing mafia who do not care for creativity and imagination.
Remember, you are doing a great service to every individual author whom you support by buying and reading the book. You are becoming a cause for encouraging first-time authors/writers to unearth the God-given talents and manifest the dreams they pamper in their hearts.
Isn't it a miracle? Isn't it a fight against corruption?
Well. Read below about how you can make that miracle happen?
How you can fight against corruption?
How you can make a miracle in someone's life to manifest the dreams of life.

how do you become a member?

Simple. Anyway, you want to motivate yourself. So you have to read some books and get information. Then transition and transformation will happen in your life.
Why not become an member of HRH (HeartSpeaks Reader's Hub) and read the books by CreatiVentures as they are encouraging first-time authors?
They are encouraging imagination and creativity thereby supporting literature and culture. How much are you contributing for the great cause? How supportive are you?
Can't you spare a single 'Gandhi head' to motivate yourself and support a first-time writer?
Let it fight against corruption.
Remember, "Pen is mighter than sword."
Can you support the PEN?
Certainly you will, without doubts!

how much does it cost?

Send us your email address, full mailing address and Rs.1000.00 and become a member.
Every three months, We will send you two books from CreatiVentures of different genre by registered post to your mailing address.
Total 8 books costing Rs.1400.00 for a discounted price of Rs.1000.00 to your doorsteps.
Books at your doorsteps. All you need to do is pick it up and read.
Join us and support a first-time writer and support our publishing.

"Life is a choiceless choice but NOW you can make your right choice." - Joji Valli

how to get in touch with us?

Or feel free to send us an email at: |
To order our titles over the phone, please call: +91 9689257575 | 9175388062 | 9881843756
Mail us: C-22, Karan Gharonda, Sainikwadi, Pune 411014, Maharashtra, INDIA

Thank you for browsing through CreatiVentures Publishing ...
We hope you find what you're looking for in our publishing support and in our published titles.
Questions and comments are always welcome at CreatiVentures Publishing
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Is reading a habit of the selected few?

Do you want to be one of those few?

Does reading expand knowledge?

Then what are you wating for?

Is it worth reading?

Yes. Read NOW.