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Who We Are!

CreatiVentures was started in 2003 by first-time author Joji Valli.
After much waiting and facing lots of rejections from the publishing mafia of India - the hurdles of a first-time author - Joji Valli decided to self-publish his first book. The dream of his life. People appreciated it very much and today it is selling all over the world both digitally and as hard copies.
Now, CreatiVentures is going a few steps forward to encourage first-time authors to help them materialize their dreams of publishing their work in less than one week through e-publishing.
CreatiVentures aims to promote and encourage a first-time author irrespective of who you are! - if you have a manuscript of merit.
Books published by CreatiVentures are inspired and informed; they have taken a holistic approach in attempting to feed the intellect and the spirit; they have addressed the big questions; and they have searched in the discrete corners of human experiences.
Our primary objective is to dig out the treasure in the valley of treasure island of literature and culture. You grow with us.
Be part of the evolution of consciousness, igniting your spirit to experience happiness and bliss in this life.

our focus

Make the world a better place to live. At least make your life happy. Live NOW and be aware of NOW. Live in the Present. Experience the NOW here in this life itself.

  • Encourage bloomering writer
  • Bring back the reading culture
  • Motivate humanity
  • Spread happiness, love, peace and unity
  • Propagate, 'life is too short' - live!

"Life is a choiceless choice but NOW you can make your right choice." - Joji Valli

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We hope you find what you're looking for in our publishing support and in our published titles.
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Are you living your life?

How are you living now?

How happy are you?

Just living life?

Is life worth?

Yes. Live NOW.