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Our Authors

CreatiVentures specializes in books dealing with Self-Help, Motivation, Inspiration and New-Age.
We focus on books on Self-help and Personality Enhancement as it has been a need of the hour all over the world.
When you realize the mere fact that "life is too short", most of us regret about the time wasted.
Our books will help you to come out of the regrets and live life "Here and Now." - Realizing your potentials and materializing your dreams here and now, in this life itself.

  • Dr. Joji Valli

    Starting his career in management, he worked in India and abroad. He then turned to teaching and became an associate professor in management for MBA. After turning to writing, he authored eight books including the HeartSpeaks series. He launched CreatiVentures and started self-publishing his books to fight against the mafias of the publishing industry. He now publishes books with the intention of bloomering first-time authors and to challenge the traditional publishing and distribution systems. He has two Master's degrees and a doctorate in CSR. Joji Valli bloomered himself with his first book 'Hearts On Fire' in 2003 and continues with his zealous vision of bloomering first-time authors through CreatiVentures.

  • Dr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu

    Currently working as a resident professor at Jnana-Deepa Vidhyapeeth, Pune. He is a world-renowned philosopher and author of a number of books on philosophy and religion. He has been actively involved in interfacing science with religion. He extends his support to the vision and philosopy of bloomering authors in CreatiVentures as a mentor. He is a visiting faculty at several universities abroad. He has three Master's degrees and two doctorates.

  • Dr. Jose Kaimlett

    Dr. Jose Kaimlett has been a Catholic priest for the last 45 years. He has doctorate in Canon Law. He is a great visionary who has been contributing enormously to the Catholic Church and to the society at large both as a missionary and philanthropist. He is the founder of Heralds of Good News, Sisters of Good News and Missionaries of Compassion. He is currently engaged in developing a full-fledged cancer hospital and research center at Eluru in Andhra Pradesh, and a center for higher education in Tanzania. CreatiVentures bloomered the visionary by bringing out 'INSIGHTS', a collection of 200 stories compiled by him.

  • P. Sanjay

    P. Sanjay, a mechanical engineer by qualification, is currently holding a responsible position in the Gujarat Government. He has an ardent love for Indian philosophy and the ancient vedic scriptures. He is of the opinion that these scriptures have an authentic code of conduct for human beings. He is also influenced by some of the verses of the Holy Bible. 'Prapti' published by CreatiVentures is his first book. He imparts the wisdom of the ancient scriptures to the youth of today to attain success in life through manifesting their dreams and goals. He conducts honorary talks and sessions in various educational institutions and government department.

  • Dr. V. V. Rao

    Dr. V. V. Rao - a doctorate in physics, with rich and varied experience spanning approximately 25 years in various capacities holding CXO positions, coupled with his razor sharp intellect and exemplary leadership capabilities. Currently, he is holding a position of CQO at Suzlon Energy Ltd. Pune. He is endowed with a customer-centric approach that stands him in good stead. His objective and practial approach to problem solving and his genial nature has made him a highly respected leader with effective leadership style.

  • Madhukar Thompson

    Madhukar Thompson, spiritual teacher and guide, acclaimed author, highly esteemed international citizen, founder of Neti Neti Press, spoke to spiritual seekers around the world, responding to the deepest spiritual quests and questions of our time. He offered his wisdom based on his own experiences and on the non-dual teachings of his preceptors Osho, Poonja (Papaji), Sri Ramana Maharshi, Ramesh Balsekar and D. B. Gangolli. Madhukar assisted seekers to end all outward searching and discover and experience directly within their own hearts, the nameless and formless Truth of who they truly are! (His spiritual search on earth ended on May 24, 2011)

  • Suresh Padmanabhan

    Suresh is an author, public speaker, columnist and creator of Money Workshop. As a first-time author, CreatiVentures bloomered Suresh with 'I Love Money', which has now been translated into 11 Indian and foreign languages. The book has gone on to become an international best seller.

  • Dr. C. Drago, SJ

    Fr. C. Drago, SJ has a Ph.D. from Pune University and Master's in Pastoral Counselling from the Loyola University, Chicago. He taught spiritual theology and pastoral counselling in Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune. He is engaged in the formation and spiritual guidance of seminarians and of the religious for the last thirty years.
    His books on the comparative study of St.Francis of Assisi and of Sant Tukaram received an award from the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad as the best book of the year. He writes in Marathi and English. He is author of number of books in English and Marathi.

  • Dr.Vishwas Chavan

    Dr. Vishwas Chavan is a Senior Scientific Officer at the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), based in Copenhagen, Denmark. From a slum boy to the Science diplomat, Dr. Vishwas Chavan has gone through several amazing journeys and transformations. Ph. D. in the field of Bioinformatics, Dr. Chavan has an international organization that promotes free and open access to the worlds biodiversity data. Dr. Chavan has over 20 years of experience in the field of biodiversity informatics. Prolific writer and inspiring speaker, Dr. Chavan has literary bent of mind. He is keen observer of human behavior, and along the way has spotted principles of success in people from all walks of life. These sutras he has first written as a blog, which are now being compiled in the form of a book.

  • Our New Authors

  • Sanjay Patel

    Sanjay Patel is a Process Manager in the Oil Sands Division at Suncor Energy Inc. Suncor is Canadas premier integrated energy company. A chemical engineer by education, he has been working in the oil industry for the last 18 years, and spent the last 11 years working exclusively with oil sands, in areas including projects, operations, environment, and energy research. He is also a member of the Community Services Advisory Board, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

  • Vrushti Trivedi

    Vrushti Trivedi, 13 years old, currently studying in 8th standard, self published her first book Blooming Buds - a poetry collection, at the age of 12. She is a versatile personality, which can be proven by the accolades achieved by her in various fields. She is a state level swimmer and a badminton and basketball player. She is adventurous by nature and has crossed the Narmada River to and fro. She has also had the experience of sea swimming. She has even flourished in the field of arts. She is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer, a guitarist and a pianist. Besides her extracurricular achievements, she has also maintained her academic excellence by toping every time in the exams as well as different school contests.

  • M. Venugopal

    Working for an Indian co, in Lagos, Nigeria, as a Country Head for the development of business in West Africa. Have been living in Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa) for the past 20 years. Worked for various European/Fareast/Middle East/Indian companies in the past.

  • Sarada Rao

    Prof. Sarada Rao has been a versatile academician and passionate teacher over the past 20 odd years. She holds a B.Tech., M.E., and has been actively involved in all academic, co-curricular and technical excellence activities of the Electronics & Communications discipline. She has a rich and varied experience spanning 20 years in renowned Engineering Institutions of Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat in the teaching profession rising up the ladder to the post of Head, E & C Department. She is a versatile personality having a flair for teaching various ECE courses, making complex and difficult courses interesting to reach the young brains.

  • Ratish Iyer

    Ratish Iyer currently works as Administration Manager for a reputed electronics manufacturing and distribution company in Nigeria. His experience in Service industry includes many esteemed airline companies and hotels. Having survived the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist - a 36 hours ordeal, he did resume normal life but gradually turned deeply introspective. Thus began a relentless spiritual quest, which, in due course revived his affinity towards writing, reading, philosophy, spirituality, martial arts and poetry. His blog site features topics on Mind-Body-Spirit.

  • Dr. Augustine Pamplany

    Dr. Augustine Pamplany CST is the Founder-director of the Institute of Science and Religion, Cochin, India. He holds Ph.D in Philosophy of Science from International University, Colombo, and, in Bioethics from Dublin City University, Ireland. He lectures in Philosophy of Science, Science and Religion and Bioethics at various institutions in India and abroad. He is the Managing Editor and Publisher of Omega - Indian Journal of Science and Religion. He is author of nine books and several scholarly articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is a recipient of various awards including the Science-Religion Course Award from the Centre for Theology and Natural Sciences, Berkeley; Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality Award from the Interdisciplinary University, Paris; Erasmus Mundus Fellowship from Leuven, Belgium; Radboud University, The Netherlands; and the University of Padua, Italy. He is a member of UNESCO forum teachers in Bioethics. He has presented papers in many international conferences on science and religion in India and abroad.

  • Olinda Capece

    Olinda Capece is a qualified Psychologist from Brazil, who has been always interested in promoting people's growth through the right understanding of life. She has dedicated the past 25 years in India, meditating and searching for answers which could give a proper base to her work. During all these years, she has met many spiritual masters who have each contributed immensely to her path, enriching her work beyond Psychology and gifting her with a much deeper understanding towards herself and her goal.

  • This could be YOU?!

    CreatiVentures's primary objective is to dig out the treasure in the valley of the 'treasure island' of Literature and Culture. We bloomer you as a first-time author. You grow with us. Be part of the evolution of consciousness igniting your spirit to experience happiness and bliss in this life as a published author. we are here to make your dream of presenting your concepts and thoughts to the world come true. This is your space! Claim your rightful place in the world of letters.