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INNER ZEAL (Poetry) Have a peep inside the book

Vrushti Trivedi

1 - Angels on the Earth

Yeah! The teachers,
With their lucid wordings,
Make children learned
With their effective teachings.
They teach children to stand and sit
And they turn a paper from a pit
To a new paper sheet
They scold children when required
And energize them when they are tired
They teach children to be kind
And they do this with both; their heart and mind
That.s why-
A teacher is a guiding hand,
A teacher is our best friend.

15 - Sun Flowers

The sun rises,
The sun fl owers feel a remarkable merriment.
They dream of the giant sun as they sleep,
And as the dawn breaks out,
The eagerness of the fl owers comes to an end.
They wake up,
With the fi rst ray of sun,
And the whole day they face it with joy.
They feel as if they have everything they ought,
They know that the sun has created them.
They so, follow the movement of the sun,
They feel that in a way,
They can serve their master.
They believe that the sun will always come to their rescue,
But little do they know,
That excess could lead to danger.
The next day the if the drought strikes,
The fl owers would think that their creator will rescue them,
But the sun sucks up,
Even a single drop from their dying skin,
Yet the fl owers till their last breath,
Face the sun,
And promise that they would respect their master,
And in each of their rebirth,
They would always follow the sun.

36 - A Good Human Being

Everyday I change my views,
Everyday my thoughts diffuse.
Sometimes I feel to start a new bank,
And sometimes I feel to design a huge tank.
Sometimes I feel to become an artist,
And sometimes I feel to become a novelist.
Sometimes I feel to become a doctor,
And sometimes I feel to fl y a helicopter.
Sometimes I feel something or the other,
But there.s something about which I always bother.
Though I become anything,
I will become a good human being.


"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." - James Dean