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Canvas of Life - you are the aRTIST... you are the pAINTER... fill your canvas with your dREAMS!...
- Have a peep into the book

Joji Valli

Life is a choiceless choice. Each of us came into this world with nothing but an empty canvas -'tabula rasa' - an empty mind. If you have an empty canvas you must have a reason why you have it so. YES. you are an aRTIST... you are a pAINTER... You are given brush and colors. It is upto you to use as many colors as possible to make the canvas colorful and presentable. - Success has too many fathers and failure has none.- Every nook and corner of the world irrespective of age, caste, color, creed - people admire the picture Mona Lisa. Why? Because it is beautiful and a successful. People around us are only interested in a successful canvas. If your canvas is not presentable to the world nobody cares about it. Now think about your life! If the world is not interested in your canvas - it is not presentable to the world. If it is not presentable, don't blame your parents; don't blame your family; don't blame the society; don't blame the people around you. Point not just one finger but all the fingers at YOU. Remember, You are an aRTIST... You are a pAINTER... That is the simple reason you have come to this world with an empty canvas. It is your canvas. It is your life. Plunder the hidden treasures! Bring out your Masterpiece! Be successful and quit the world. Leave the masterpiece as a legacy for the generations to come! Life is a choiceless choice, right now you have a choice to make it a failure or success. Choice is YOURS. This book will certainly facilitate you to paint your canvas beautiful, successful and presentable - making it a masterpiece for you and the generations to come.


“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it.” — Danny Kaye

A couple of years ago, while I was in US roaming with one of my friends we happened to meet one of his friends in New York at his office. We spent about ten minutes with him and as I was bidding goodbye he gave me a calendar.  It was not just any calendar, I realized immediately. I was instantly struck by the beauty of the artwork, the color, the intricacy, the vitality, the life that jumped off the pages at me!  I exclaimed in wonder: “Who is this aRTIST?”. “It is so wonderful.”
“The aRTIST is the person who gave you the calendar — the person standing in front of you!” Said my friend.
Instantly, I congratulated him and thanked him for sharing his core essence with me.
Yes, he had brought his art to the world, and who knew of his talents until now!  The calendar began to mean more and grew a life of its own as I continued to admire it throughout the day.  I am so proud to be the witness to this work and so honored to hold in my hands the art that it represents, which I believe, is this person’s core essence.  Here is someone who has talents, not only for art but for his life and it is manifesting.  How beautiful!  What a precious gift to me and what a masterpiece to the world.

Have you ever seen “The Canvas of Life?”
Have you at least ever heard of “The Canvas of Life?”
Of course not! Or may be vaguely!
But I tell, you are carrying a canvas from womb to tomb. I am sure many of us are unaware of this canvas. It is so much an integral part of our life and everything that we do on moment to moment basis. But sadly, many of us are not aware of it or look at it even once in our life here on earth. We keep on painting it for days, weeks, months and years — and a lifetime — still without looking at it; without being aware of it. We are presenting the same to the world without even caring about it and how the world is going to look at it.

We are all born with an untouched brand new canvas — ‘tabula rasa.’ I am talking about what comes naturally to you. You can design your art the way you want. It is your responsibility. It is your freedom. Your parents and dear ones are only there to guide you and watch you how you use the colors at your canvas of life. Mind you, the society is there to approve only successful canvases. The world does not care about scruffy canvases.

How do you want to paint the canvas of your life?
Are you ready to unleash the masterpiece on the canvas of your journey?
Can you imagine painting a canvas, creating a future in which anything is possible? 
What will each of us say when we are near the end of our life? 
That is a question and answer intimate and personal to each of us.  
Take up your brush and paint in whatever way is true for you.
Awake the Pygmalion in you to give life to your canvas of life.

It is your canvas… 
you are the aRTIST…
you are the pAINTER…
fill your canvas with your dREAMS!…


“Half of what I say is meaningless, but I say it, so that the other half may reach you.”
— Kahlil Gibran {“Sand and foam” -1926}

Yes. My friend, you have given me also a chance to talk to you about your canvas of life. I spoke a lot about you. You must be wondering now, how did I come to know all about you and your canvas. I don’t exactly know how far I am true in what I have said. But it is ok. I do join hands with Kahlil Gibran who is my life’s inspiration to look into the deeper realities in a very simple manner. Thus, I totally agree with him and tell you the same thing. Even half of what I said must be meaningless, but I had to say it to you, so that the other half may reach you.
Thus at least now you got a chance to have glance at your canvas of life which you never looked or were never even aware of it. Now that you are aware and you have the colors and brush to make it a masterpiece as your contribution for the wonderful gift of life you have received from God/Existence.
Let your imagination go wild. Bring out the hidden potentials in you. Explore the realm of creativity. Bring out nuances. Think differently. Throw all the colors you can on your canvas; design it in such a way that it becomes a remarkable one — worth looking at it over and again.
So I am not here to make a conclusion for your canvas of life. I leave the choice and freedom to conclude for yourself. But I remind you, it is your life; your canvas.
Choice is Yours!
Because, You are the aRTIST…
You are the pAINTER…


“Life is a choiceless choice. World is so large, definitely you have a special place in the world. Find your place.” — JojiValli