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Prapti - 'Achievement' - Have peep inside the book

P. Sanjay

Dreaming is easy. But what about dreaming big? Many of us have an unknown fear of dreaming big, of self-doubt, lack of confidence etc... This unknown fear disappears when a person undertand the basic truth of the Universe and acknowledges that he is not an isolated individual. Instead, there is always a companion ever ready to lead him to his goals. This book outlines the significance of ultimate bliss, about which generally people are not aware of, or are ignorant. As you turn the pages of 'Prapti', a simple and effective gude to reaching whatever you want - you will prepare yourself to get the amazing results. Dream big - achieve the unachievable.


The moment a person realizes that he is born on this planet earth with a distinguished status, his life starts changing. Now, it is up to him to decide what kind of change he wants. He may think and make effort to attain materialistic achievements such as wealth, fame, power, relationships or cosmetic health - which bring happiness to his life as long as he lives. He may even go out of the way to think and choose a tougher path to attain moksha (liberation), the ultimate bliss which lasts for eternity.
The reader should note here that only an outline is given for the latter topic, the ultimate bliss. More emphasis is laid on ways to achieve the materialistic achievements, which today, most people desire or dream.
Many of us have an unknown fear of dreaming big, the fear of self-doubt, lack of confidence, etc. This unknown fear disappears when a person understands the basic truth of this universe and acknowledges that he is not an isolated individual. Instead, there is a most certain companion always ready to lead him to his desired and worthy destination of manifesting his big dreams.
This book comprises of basic simplified philosophical truths in the initial chapters. The latter part describes the steps to achieve anything that one desires and the final chapter gives a brief summary with a picturised illustration about the way to reach your destination and be happy. It also outlines the significance of ultimate bliss, about which generally people are not aware. This book would have been incomplete if the brief account of differentiation between the mortal happiness and ultimate bliss was not served to the readers.
As you turn the pages of 'Prapti', a simple and effective guide to reaching wherever you want - you will prepare yourself to get the amazing results. The happiness and contentment that you derive will not be limited to you; but it will also surround people who are around you. You will become the source of transformation; first in your life and then in the lives of the people around you, thus changing their life and manifesting the distinguished status and purpose which you have already realized.

Chapter 12 - The Ultimate Truth

(This chapter summarizes the universal steps and values needed to achieve anything you desire with the help of an illustrative sketch. It also outlines the significance of ultimate bliss over happiness from materialistic achievements.)

A person who is desirous of finding the purpose of his arrival on this lovely planet, when he acknowledges the basic truth and realizes that happiness derived from materialistic achievements is short-lived - develops a yearning for everlasting bliss.
Of course, materialistic achievements such as wealth, power, fame, relationships and health bring happiness to us but it is not eternal. The time period is a maximum of 100 years. Because this happiness is felt by the soul through the beautiful body made up of matter which has a life span of 100 years at the most.
When a human being is born on this earth with superior intellect, he is eligible for the bliss, which lasts for eternity. When he thoroughly understands his eligibility, he will be eager to know the ultimate truth. This ultimate truth is that, when a soul, with all its good deeds, fair values and ethics, is freed from the cycle of birth and death - without any type of body in its possession - it attains proximity of the Supreme Power. This liberation results in ultimate bliss for an infinite period. This status is experienced only by the soul.
In ancient Indian scriptures, when the second identity, the soul, joins with the physical body in the mother's womb, it is the beginning of a life. The moment the soul is separated from the body - it is called death. The physical body grows and perishes. As for the soul, it migrates through different physical bodies, and exists eternally. It is never born or it will never die (Yajurveda 40:15).
So when this soul is liberated from the cycle of rebirth and attains infinite bliss and enlightenment, in a state of one-to-one with the Supreme Consciousness or Supreme Power, the ultimate goal of his arrival on earth as a human is accomplished. In simple words, the soul attains the Supreme Power and experiences the bliss. The term used for this infinite bliss is 'Moksha'.
Although this path is very tough compared to the path for achievements of the materialistic world, it is not unachievable. It should be borne in mind that the magnitude is high and the period of this bliss is unending.
This guide to achieve your ultimate goal would have been incomplete if I had not outlined the clarification of what the ultimate bliss is, and what its significance is.
Nevertheless, today's man wants to live a luxurious life. His dream is to attain wealth, name, fame, power, relationships and health. He is making all efforts to attain it. So, to summarize the way towards achieving it, a basic and universal sketch will make you understand the theme of this book, easily and clearly.
You are the unique and passionate identity starting from one end of the bridge which is meant take you across this worldly river. You clearly know where your dream destination is or where you want to reach. This bridge comprises of two parts. The flat path to advance and the base pillars on which the path rests. The pillars are namely compassion, integrity, truth, love, and ethics. It is a fact that the pillars must be very strong to support the path laid on it. Moreover, this path is called the path of optimism. The person should possess a right and optimistic thought pattern to advance to his desired destination. But, here it should be borne in mind that this thinking pattern does not allow one from compromising the strength of this 'pillars'. Well, further, the pillars and the path on it needs the deep and strong inner base called faith to withstand the stress and to nullify the doubts. This means the earth should be strong enough to support the pillars.
When a person clearly sees his goal and advances with a burning desire and passion on the path of optimism, he reaches his destination. But here, the important thing to note is optimism alone does not work. The base on which optimism rests should be strong. A person should possess the attributes namely compassion, integrity, truth, love, and ethics. Again if a person with good values and good thinking has weak faith and confidence, the whole structure built for you to reach your destination weakens. It signifies the inevitability of strong and unwavering faith. Observe, imagine and meditate on it. Hence, each part of the bridge carries equal importance. Now when you have known and understood the significance of the three identities of this universe - matter, soul and supreme power - the only requirement between you and your desired achievement is a start with determination. Once you have started and your boat with its sail, is floating on the sea, you only have to adjust the sail in the proper direction of the 'supreme wind' and it will automatically reach the shore.


"Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dream come true." - Napoleon Hill