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Om Shanti... 24hrs of a Multinational Joboholic
- Have a peep into the book

Swami Hridayananda

A contemporary cynical narration of the life of a multinational employee through the eyes of a modern swami who unravels the secrets of happy living within 24 hours to revive the battered spirit of the Joboholic. As you read this trance fiction you will identify with most of the contemporary issues that you see around from a microscopic view. With his satirical humor the swami exposes and attacks lots of current issues that bug the society due corruption, exploitation by politicians and so called godman, and your own personal negligence . Even as every page pricks you with hard nails, it also will tickle your senses with laughter as it motivates you to be more aware of your life and to make it happy and interesting — finding the simple truth of life. Of Course, Adults Only!


“A face that smiles becomes a flower.” — Joji Valli

What is the flower of your choice? I choose the sunflower. If it is sunflower it smiles at the sun. You will be looking at the most powerful element in the universe. It can melt anything in fraction of a second. When the sunflower smiles at the sun it is never melted or burned.
So when the face is happy even the sun hesitates to destroy it to ashes. Instead, He will send his powerful energy into your life. You can absorb it as much as you want. You can store it as much as you want. His heart has melted down before your smile. The most powerful source of energy which could burn you into ashes has become your source of energy.
Om Shanti…

Have you ever seen a sunflower field? It is an amazing sight. All the flowers face the same direction as if the president is coming to receive the guard of honor! So meticulously and systematically organized, looking at the most powerful element in the Universe.
Wow! What a scene!
What a wonderful scenery!
The law of nature. Conditioning by the nature!
I do not know if you have noticed a sunflower in the same field facing the opposite direction. Yes. that’s me, Swami Hridayananda (the one who has happiness in his heart).
Om Shanti…

I know many of you do not know me. But now on, you will have to know me.
The flower that faces the opposite direction catches everyone’s eye. He is so special. He has made himself uncommon with a simple twist to the other direction. When things are not working well in your life — change the direction or just twist yourself differently than the usual life. You need a lot of guts to do it. If you want to be noticed, change your ways.
Even if you change your ways, you will still get what all others get as a normal sunflower. But what you get is something EXTRA. And that extra is too uncommon. So, what makes that extra an EXTRA, is nothing but a simple twist. A simple twist, but a rare move. That rare move makes you extraordinary and so special. Now, who makes it?
Good question, Not ‘ME’. But YOU.
Are you surprised? You can never say not at all!
Because without your awareness you can never do it!
How often are you able to make that twist in your life?
How easy is it for you?
Are you afraid to be unique in this beautiful garden on earth?
Don’t be afraid. You will still get the wind, other flowers get. But in your case you will get it from a different direction — different touch and different feeling. You feel it and ONLY YOU will feel it differently. It is exclusively yours. Now you are the only one who knows the secret formula. But you still can share it with others and help them experience what you are experiencing.
The beauty of all beauties…
Wait a minute! You are also eligible for the same sun’s energy, but with a difference. You have made it different. So different that the sun also looks at you differently, because you are looking at the sun from a different direction. You are special even for the sun.
Keep smiling, that is all you need to make your face a sunflower or a rose. Don’t forget, “a smiling face becomes a flower.” Now, you choose which flower. Rose, Sunflower, Lotus, Jasmine? Which is the flower of your choice? That is what adds the EXTRA to your life making it extraordinary or uncommon.
Om Shanti…
Swami Hridayananda unravels the joboholic culture, an offshoot of multinational corporate culture. It estranges you from your own self, family, health, mind and all sorts of relationship in the society, turning you into a social recluse, which Swami calls as joboholism. In this motivational trance fiction, Swami compares 24 hours of a joboholic with his own life to help you transform yourself into the sunflower which looks in opposite direction. Making you a ‘corporate rat’, and helping you to realize how your true self has been taken away from your very life.
This fiction — a cocktail of realities mixed with humor — presents to you the naked realities of your own life, which is chained in the invisible chains of multinational corporate giant ghost.
You are not at all aware of the invisible chains, which lead you to that contagious disease, which the corporate injects to your subconscious level. As you go through the pages of this motivational trance fiction, don’t be surprised when Swami Hridayananda peppers age-old secrets in the form of a little advice now and then unlike in a normal fiction. Perhaps offering you a buffet of everything you aspire in life without feeling shy or any inhibitions — an open writing from the heart, making it your own story without losing an iota of detail and depth. So enjoy the trance and still be aware of yourself and your life.
Om Shanti…


It is 7.05pm when Swami Hridayananda returns to his residence after meeting his friend and family. Generally a joboholic has hardly any time to make a visit to his/her friend’s house and socialize. For a joboholic, 24 hours is not really enough. They even think that if a day could have 36 hours or even 48 hours then they could do a few pending things and even socialize a bit with friends and family.
However, Swami Hridayananda lives his own life. He is the boss of his life and the captain of his ship. Nobody to report to other than his own conscience. So he can afford to go for a walk and even to a friend’s house to socialize. Life is full on in its length and breadth.
It takes five minutes for Swami to walk back from his friend’s house. He reaches his house and switches on his sexy seducing laptop and sits on his chair as he opens the thesis file which he was working on…
The bus almost reaches the stop where Joboholic gets down. Still he was in deep sleep. The Gopika who embarrassed him in the morning realizes it and she goes near his seat and pulls his left ear.
Joboholic instantly opens his eyes and looks to his left. He sees the Gopika smiling at him and asking him to get up from his seat as she walks to the door. He looks outside and realizes that it is the stop he has to unload himself from the bus. Meanwhile the guy who is sitting on his left side makes way for him to come to the isle. He takes his leather bag and rushes towards the door as he rubs his sleepy eyes.
He jumps out of the bus and looks at the Gopika with gratitude for waking him with her tender touch. Gopika, as if she understands the meaning, gives a sexy smile with a corner of her lips as one of her eyes flinched with a slight wink.
Well. What is Gopika trying to convey? Is she up to something? Does she feel sympathy for her colleague? Is she feeling bad for embarrassing him in the morning with her silly, but sharp comment?
Joboholic takes the subway to cross the road and slowly starts dragging himself towards his house. His face now reflects the clarity of the decision over which he has been brooding and contemplating all day long. As he gets closer to his house his heart starts palpitating faster and faster as if he has conquered Mount Everest.
Meantime, Lamoria and Earth have been moving at the speed of a googol googolplex in the OMETRA with the stone. They are now slowed down by yellow OM Rays to a speed of a trillion googol. Suddenly a violet OM Rays starts hitting the stone as the stone begins swinging faster. Instantly there comes a sudden flow of red OM Rays detaching the stone’s grip simultaneously from Lamoria and Earth, dropping it to the next planet, Transfomia, with a huge sound.
Swami Hridayananda’s heart gets the vibrations of the huge sound even as he hears a gentle sound of the Goderj lock opening and a feeble voice saying, “Ommm… Shantiiiiii…”
Swami Hridayananda points his mouse at the clock on the bottom right hand corner of his laptop screen as he reciprocates, “Om Shanti.”
Instantly the pop up comes showing, “Tuesday, 7.20pm.”
Joboholic keeps his leather bag with the sexy seducing old laptop in his room along with the multinational name tag. Then he walks happily towards Swami Hridayananda’s door and says, “Swami, I have become a Rat. I thought for the whole day about the story you told me last night at the dinner table. Now on my life in the corporate is as A RAT.”
And he bows his head in gratitude and reverence.
Instantly, Swami Hridayananda gets up from his chair, raises his right hand above joboholic’s head and says, “Here on you will be called Swami Mukshikananda.”
Om Shanti…

Swami Hridayananda continues, “OMETRA is the center of you. When you get connected to the center of you, you begin to dream like this. Kicking of the Stones in your life, making the dreams and goals and living in them. The clarity and focus will make you to say not Om Shanti… but … Om Shanti OM.”
Swami Mukshikananda repeats the mantra in his heart…
Om Shanti OM.


“Life is a choiceless choice. World is so large, definitely you have a special place in the world. Find your place.” — JojiValli